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Among Us Free Skins, Pets, Hats [Always Imposter] Among Us Hack Mod Menu 2021

April 4, 2021

among us hack mod menu

Among Us is an immensely popular murder-mystery game from InnerSloth. Its unique game dynamic and wacky cosmetics are some of the most interesting aspects of the game.

If you play as a Crewmate, then you must perform some assigned ship maintenance tasks to win the game. But, if you end up playing the game as an Impostor, the task you’ll be required to perform is quite different.

The Impostor must kill everyone else on board to win the game.

To make things more interesting, the Among Us game developers update the game regularly with a considerable cosmetics inventory; which players are allowed to mix & match.

Character customizations are trending at the moment with everyone trying to make their Among Us avatar look as cool as possible.

Perhaps you have been wondering where to obtain these cool skins and outfits for Among Us. Not to worry. We’ll provide all the answers right here!

What You Need To Know About Among Us Skins

Let’s clarify a few things first – Among Us player skins are purely meant for changing your character’s outfit.

The Hats can be used to replace the default headwear; while the Pets in Among Us are small creatures that follow your character around in the game.

Whether you’re a Crew Member or playing as the Impostor; one thing is constant in the game: players always like their characters to look cool.

Fortunately, Among Us boasts of a wide variety of cosmetic items. Most of them are customizable and at the beginning of the game, they are available for free.

That’s right; players can obtain costumes and hats in Among Us free of charge. However, Among Us Pets are paid items.

Talented game modders have also formed the habit of creating custom skins for use in Among Us. This means that there are limitless ways for players to express their creativity while playing the game.

People playing the PC version of Among Us would have already bought the game; hence they are eligible to receive some free hats and skins.

People playing the free mobile version of the game will discover loads of themed skins and hats preloaded in the app. But if you want to own all the available skins, you must purchase them with actual cash.

How to Get All the Skins In Among Us

Because Among Us Skins, Hats, and Pets are purely for cosmetic purposes, they don’t have any effect on the overall gameplay.

Players can purchase and equip them only if they wish to change the default appearance of their in-game characters or to support the developers.

Some of the skins available for use in Among Us include Astronaut, Mechanic, Captain, Doctor, Military, Police, etc.

You can also find various Among Us free skin generator tools on the internet. These are operated by external partners to serve as distribution platforms to reward loyal fans of the game.

A random internet search will provide you with a list of skin generator services you can use. But you must always choose the most popular and widely used sites to avoid scams.

Players can also find Among Us skins on popular gaming and media streaming platforms like Twitch, Steam, or YouTube channels. These are sometimes available in the form of paid skin bundles.

But, you must always be aware of the fact that other players can identify you quite easily with obvious customization effects on your character – more especially when you’re playing the Impostor role.

So Here Was All About Among Us Free Skins, Pets, Hats [Always Imposter] Among Us Hack Mod Menu 2021

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